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Monthly Newsletter – Events, Support, Advice & Guidance

Membership to the WNI Facebook Group

Invited to Events



Paid Members Benefits include...

Membership of Who Needs Instructions is a great way to get together with like-minded guys. We'll be hosting regular events, workshops, walks and talks, introducing you to new things and encouraging you to communicate with your fellow man!

There's a loneliness epidemic amongst men and Who Needs Instructions aims to help reduce that. How exactly do we propose to do this though? Well, members will benefit from...​

Better Communication - Find what makes you happy - Try out new things - Receive local Discounts

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What's in it
for me?

By becoming a member of Who Needs Instructions, you'll learn to begin to put yourself first. So often, we try to be the best partner, husband, father or colleague, but guess who comes bottom of that list? You do!

We want you to discover what works for you, what can you do for yourself that will help you be the best partner, husband, father or colleague? That could be meditation, exercise, eating habits, journaling, walking, swimming, or something else.


And how much will this cost? £30.00 a month! (Early Bird Price)

You Will Get...

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Members-only Events

Breakfasts, Beer Tasting, Weekends Away, Volunteering, Male Grooming and More

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Exclusive Discounts

Offering exclusive members-only discounts with the Who Needs Instructions Card

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A Members Newsletter

News, advice, tips and tricks to help with everything that life throws at you

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Group Zoom Calls

Twice a month, we'll be getting together on zoom to recharge and enjoy time together


WhatsApp Group

You can be added to a WhatsApp Group to connect with fellow WNI members

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Private Facebook Group

A safe space for us to chat, laugh, learn and remain in touch with each other. 

Interested in becoming a member?
If so, please get in touch.

Thanks for submitting!


We're committed to making this available to ALL MEN. When we prove that time together is not only needed but required, we'll be looking for extra resources to ensure we can include everyone in this vital work network.

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