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We're big fans of JOURNALING here at Who Needs Instructions. It allows us to download everything that is buzzing around inside our brains, on to a piece of paper. Plus, for those guys that find it hard to talk to others, it's a great way of getting men talking, to themselves. 

After that, you will begin to make sense of it, purely from seeing it written down on the paper. It also relieves the brain from storing all those thoughts and feelings and running over them, again and again.

There are all kinds of techniques involved in journaling. These include simply writing down your thoughts and feelings, gratitude and manifestation as well as bullet journaling too. 

If you'd like to learn more about journaling, we've now produced a simple yet effective video training course, so you can learn all the techniques required. Sign-up for the HOW TO JOURNAL course and you'll come away with everything you need to make journaling part of your daily life. It's only £49, so CLICK HERE and get started.

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