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Encouraging Better Conversations Between Men

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The main aim of Who Needs Instructions CIC is to get Men talking more about the stuff that really matters. Keeping your thoughts to yourself is unhealthy.

We want to create a BROTHERHOOD... a community of men who talk together and support each other through thick and thin.

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"Boys will be Boys...and so will a lot of Men"

What is our Mission?


To empower men to communicate more openly, about the things that really matter, their thoughts and their feelings. Keeping those feelings to yourself is never productive. By encouraging men to talk more openly, our goal is to lower suicide rates and create communities of men who are happier and healthier.




To build a brotherhood of guys who are open and honest about their thoughts and their feelings.

Communication is key; by encouraging guys to Talk and possibly more importantly, Listen, we aim to create a world where openness and honesty are at the forefront of all relationships.

There is a Loneliness epidemic amongst Men. We have become last around maintaining relationships. Our aim at Who Needs Instructions is to do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you, by creating opportunities for men to come together, talk, laugh, bond and make new friends.




Empowering - We share our resources and skills so that men are able to communicate their thoughts more clearly. 

Welcoming – We create a warm, friendly and safe space for Men to feel at ease. 

Inclusive - Our community, albeit for Men only, will nurture better men which in turn creates a better world for everyone.

Respectful - We offer spaces that are non-judgmental and understanding.

Wellbeing - We actively encourage self-care and wellbeing for all of our members. This is a vital part of the work that we do.

Collaboration – We work closely with other organisations who share our values.

Thrive - We want to see men thriving so they can support everyone around them (partners, colleagues and their own family). 


How can we help you?


We support men and give them the confidence to communicate their thoughts and their feelings more clearly. This will have a positive effect on their lives by helping them realise there is no weakness in being open. We do this either through face-to-face interaction across Devon (for the time being) or online via video calls and WhatsApp Messenger.


Can we work with you?


Men over 18 years of age

Men who are feeling lonely

Fathers, Husbands, Sons, Brothers and Uncles

Men who are in a supporting role either as a family member, concerned friend or colleague. 

Professionals, care workers & support workers.

Local businesses, organisations & communities

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Spreading the word...


Friends Cure Loneliness

"Men are at a crossroads. We can either continue as we are or change for the better"

Matt Young, Founder of Who Needs Instructions 

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch to find out a little more about "who needs instructions" and what it's all about.

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