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Calling all the Ladies!!!

Our mission with Who Needs Instructions is to get men talking more and looking after themselves better.

It's quite a 'soft' subject and one that some men don't see the need for... "I'm alright thanks, I'm doing great". But, it's these guys who I need to get to the most, as they're the ones who are in denial and actually need the most support.

Someone made this point the other day...

"If you're looking to help men who want to be the best, then you're talking to the wrong person."

They continued... "if a guy wants to be the best husband, father, boss or colleague, typically he's not the sort of guy who is looking for support, because he already thinks he's got his shit together! You're better off reaching out to their partners, who recognise that he is trying to be the best, but is running on empty and could do with some time out for himself. That kind of guy will feel guilty doing something for himself, so getting the go-ahead from his other half is precisely what you need"

Crash & Burn

These guys are, on the surface, doing great. They're normally successful in life and in their careers. They appear to be living the dream, they've got it all! But it's these guys who are most likely to crash and burn, potentially. One of the things Who Needs Instructions is hoping to avoid, is just that, BURNOUT. If this happens, the business, your relationships and family, will also suffer.

Successful Men

We recognise that a lot of guys are trying to do and have it all. We have nothing against that, in fact, we want to help and support your endeavours. If all of your efforts go into your business, your relationships and your family, what are you leaving for yourself? NOTHING. If you want to continue to function at this incredibly high level, and the world absolutely needs guys like you, you have to look after yourself too. So, if you're a partner to one of 'those guys', and you think they need some time for themselves, please point them in our direction.


We're organising loads of different events and stuff for guys to try out and experience. Time away from the office and family, bonding with other guys and giving themselves a break. We want to help you fill that metaphorical cup back up so you have the energy to be the best husband, father, boss and colleague.


We have a Private Facebook Group. This is a place where we'll be publishing all our events as well as help and advice for the members. It's free to join and open to everyone... as long as he's a bloke.

We're not in the business of preaching at anyone; it comes from a place of love. We genuinely just want to help and open up guys to some new things which they may find beneficial.

Ladies, can you help?

We're already holding regular walks and online sessions for guys to come together, hang out, have fun, experience new things and possibly learn some new things too. As the need grows, so will these events, in frequency and variety. We'll be arranging weekends away, doing everything from kayaking to hiking, beer tasting to campfire cooking. And that's just the start of things.

So your CTA (Call To Action) Ladies is to get the fellas involved. Is there a man in your life who is doing it all, but nothing for himself? If so, Who Needs Instructions wants to help him.

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