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The Six Must-Have Elements for a Fulfilling Life.

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

We don't preach at you often and we hope you don't feel that sentiment from this blog either. However, we felt it was vital to share these nuggets with you, as it appears many of us are missing some or even all these elements from our lives (including the author of this article).

Light - Like plants, we need the sunlight. Ancient cultures worshipped the sun, why have we stopped. Vitamin D is vital for our bones and muscles. Get the sun (or some light) in your face as ofen as you can!


Move - You don’t need to run marathons daily, but sit for too long, and our bodies begin to ache. When we rise, we’ll groan and moan, verbally and in our bones too. Walk, run, climb, ride, move.  


Get outside - We exist in manufactured, heated, structures, it’s artificial. We crave that missing nutrient that can be found in the woods, by the sea or under a canopy of stars.


Be Social – We can‘t go long without human interactions. Face-to-face connections are important to us. Some need more than others. 


Quiet – As much as we need people, we need emptiness too. In our busy world, silence can feel substantial and leaves us with our own thoughts. 


Purpose – We need it. Going through the motions rarely satisfies anyone; life can become a grind. Find your why and fill your soul.

Some of these elements feel easier to achieve than others, but making positive steps towards them is definitely a step in the right direction. Good luck.

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