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There's STILL so much time!

I was sat down with a mate of mine the other day and he made a statement which really hit home to me. He said, "I intend to live until I'm 100, and with modern medicine being the way it is, that is perfectly feasible". Now, that's not an unreasonable statement to make, but it did get me thinking.

Happy birthday cake

My intention with this site is not to make it too 'age-specific', but this seemed like a really good reason to ignore that rule; after all, rules were made for breaking, right?

So, let me set the scene for you. If you're 50 or approaching the big bullseye soon and you think about this statement, it literally means you have a whole other lifetime ahead of you - BOOM!

Now, just sit back and think about that for a minute. Think about all that the things that you've packed in to your life already. The jobs you've had, the relationships you've been a part of, your children, the houses you've lived in, the cars you've driven and owned, the holidays you've taken, the big events which have been a part of your life up to now and the memories you have already made... that is a lot.

Happy older man

Now, imagine having that amount of time again STILL ahead of you but with the benefit of wisdom and knowledge! Bloody hell, it actually made my head spin. "Yes" I thought to myself, I literally have another lifetime to live.

This got me so fired up. All those opportunities that I still have ahead of me; adventures, new people to meet, new paths to follow and possibly most importantly of all, the time I still have left to spend with the people that I love! It is SO exciting.

Now of course to make this work, good health is important, and we'd want all of our faculties in place so we can be aware of this gift of time and make the most of it. But that is within our control too. If we look after ourselves better, with the knowledge that this period in our lives is still yet to come, who knows what the future holds.

I think this kind of attitude towards life is the right one to take. Don't live your life with regrets, as that will only let you focus on the life ahead of you with what ifs and trepidation. If you look at the future as a huge opportunity to get things right, it will fill you with the kind of positivity which will fuel the road ahead and make the adventure of the coming years, exciting and hopefully, fulfilling.

Bring on the next 50 years I say!

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